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Join us for on-farm winter pea trials

If you’re a farmer or gardener in hardiness zone 3-6, you’re invited to test new winter pea lines for cover crop and culinary qualities on your farm in Fall 2024-Spring 2025!
You’ll receive commercial varieties and experimental lines that have excelled in the Cover Crop Breeding Network’s multi-site trials for winter hardiness, vigor, and/or high biomass…and you’ll learn from the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture and Blue Hill at Stone Barns about evaluating culinary quality of these cover crop peas. If you participate, you will:

  • Receive 3- 4 winter pea lines.

  • Sow one 16 row-ft plot per variety, in a single or double row, flanked by triticale. 

  • Photograph and rate the plots 3 times during the season using the SeedLinked app: Fall (Oct-Nov 2024), Spring (March-April 2025), and Harvest / Termination (May-June 2025) for traits like emergence, vigor, winter hardiness, yield, and flavor.

  • Receive short video updates and rating examples from CCB Network Coordinator Solveig Hanson at Cornell University, along with pea shoot tasting tips from Andrew Luzmore of Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Jason Grauer at the Stone Barns Center. You’ll also be invited to online results and Q&A sessions in winter and summer 2025. 

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Questions? Email Solveig at


Job postings for roles connected to the
Cover Crop Breeding Network will be listed below when available.

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